How to watch Netflix USA from anywhere in the world with a VPN? Step by step guide

Surveys have revealed that the catalog of Netflix movies and series in the United States is more complete than that of other versions worldwide, but the most striking of all is the possibility of seeing the premieres before anyone else since in other latitudes you always have to wait several months until you can enjoy them. This is a decision made by the executives of the company since it is in the USA where the largest number of subscribers have, especially in its star product of full subscription.

This is not new at all. American companies have always prioritized their national public over the international, giving them privileges such as those mentioned above. But how can Netflix know from which country you are watching it? Well, simple; by your IP address. This information is analyzed from the first moment you enter the portal and allows it to determine which country each connection is from.

So how can we enjoy the best version of the platform from our home? It is a somewhat complicated answer, but in general, terms what you need is to change your IP with a VPN, although it is not as simple as that. That is why in this article we are going to teach you how to watch Netflix USA from any other place in the world so that you can enjoy the best catalog of series and movies that there are today.

Has Netflix blocked the use of VPNs to view the US version from other countries?

Many of the users have noticed that the experience on Netflix USA is very different from that in other countries, this is because the company has to protect the copyright that is available in each country, for this reason, the categories and content libraries vary depending on the nation from which it is viewed.

For example, surely at some point, you have been watching videos on YouTube and you come across a message that says "this content is blocked in your country" or something like that. Well, this also happens in the mentioned streaming service.

Netflix users in the US can see any category and have an immense library of movie and series content since in their country there are no problems with copyright companies. These have the virtue of being able to see the latest released chapters as soon as they are published, while users from other countries have to wait a while to see them since there are other companies that want to offer them first.

An example would be the popular series Game of Thrones, whose broadcast in most of the world is exclusive to the HBO network. However, from the USA version, it is possible to see it, although always after its broadcast has ended on the chain that has the original rights. But in other countries, we are condemned to watch it only on TV or the popular HBO Go service.

Although there are many who used VPNs to see the US catalogs, Netflix has already discovered such a move by users and has implemented strategies so that this trick no longer works. With VPNs, you tricked the platform by giving a location in the United States, while being in another place, in this way you could have such access.

Netflix has not only prevented them from seeing the US catalogs in other countries, but it has also implemented in their contract that they can penalize you for such a fact since they from the part of copyright and other factors consider it illegal. So if you are discovered you can lose your account with all the credit you have in it. Many are those who doubt that they can do such an action, however, it is better to be forewarned since it is the life of your business that is endangered.

What is a VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. These are nothing more than private networks that by means of encryption methods protect your IP address to keep it safe and that nobody can know it. It is a way of maintaining anonymity when browsing the Internet and that nobody knows where you are using your computer.

How to watch Netflix USA from anywhere in the world with a VPN

How does a Virtual Private Network work?

The VPN is considered by many as "the luck of the tunnel", this word is acquired to indicate all the data that is encrypted at all times, from the moment it enters until it leaves the private network connection. This is done using protocols that protect your connection by using algorithms that encrypt each data you send and receive so that your address is completely hidden.

You could say that its life cycle consists of encapsulating the request and sending it over the internet to the VPN provider that we are using, this will un-encapsulate them, making them follow their common course.

Is it safe to watch Netflix with the use of a VPN?

As previously mentioned, Netflix has implemented a way to prevent you from tricking them with the use of VPN to see the catalogs that are displayed in the United States. Not for that, you will have to cry, because, despite this, we bring you some VPN options that will allow you to see these types of catalogs.

VPNs mask your internet connection, in other words, they prevent you from being recognized and seeing the location you are accessing (your IP address). However, not all of them work.

Free VPN (Does not work)

It is necessary to know that this is a fake, there is no such thing as a free VPN since they are companies that hack your personal information (they do not protect it) to sell it or take advantage of it to steal from you. It is better to avoid this.

Small VPNs (They work medium)

If they work and their cost is less than others, but you have to understand that it is not only that. Netflix has been looking for a thousand and one ways, to prevent users from seeing the catalog of another country other than the one from which they are entering. These VPNs can change your IP address, but they do it very slowly, and that is why you run the risk of being blocked before you can enjoy other catalogs.

Steps to view the Netflix USA catalog if you are a subscriber in another country 

Seen the above now if we can follow what is the step by step of how to see the United States catalogs, this guide is very generalized for that reason use any VPN that we already mentioned you can also follow these steps:

  • First, you must choose the VPN that suits you best, (Previously consult the plans of each one). Although it is highly recommended to use ExpressVPN, for its good services.
  • Register and subscribe to the private network service to be able to download and install it on your computer or another device where you can access it.
  • You will have to open the program, within it you will have to choose a server located in the United States (this is very important to do). Remember that the largest library is in the USA and if your server address is not from this country you will not be able to access it.
  • Then you will have to click on the connect button, in order to continue with the VPN procedure and enjoy the services you want.
  • Go to the United States Netflix application to see the content change on it. You can also use the option to refresh the browser page Done!

What are the best VPNs to unblock Netflix United States from anywhere?

Here we will show you the best VPNs recommended by many as they offer a good service and meet all expectations and you have as a Netflix fan:


How to watch Netflix USA from anywhere in the world with a VPN

This is one of the oldest but despite that, it is very up to date with the demand and demand of each day. It has servers in more than 90 countries and has a fast function, that is, its speed when changing the IP where we access prevents Netflix from discovering us. This private network in addition to a good service offers you an affordable cost for all users. You can access the VPN website through the following address


How to watch Netflix USA from anywhere in the world with a VPN

It is a Romanian company that was born in 2011 and had one of the best ways to protect your security from acts of espionage or other things. Its function is certainly somewhat slow, but it is compensated by the low cost of its services. Their website address is


 It is a Swiss private network, which has easy handling and good operation, the priority of this is user security, and its services are the best against censorship. On its page, you can find technical support to use it to change the VPN of the Android device in a very simple way. Besides that, it perfectly meets the objectives of not being discovered by Netflix. You can access its website through its address


It is a company located in Panama that despite being small and new to the market, offers a good service in every way; They give you a guarantee that your data will not be saved anywhere, as well as uncensored browsing, adding that it can be very useful when changing the VPN of any device in minimum time. Access its website with the following link


How to watch Netflix USA from anywhere in the world with a VPN

It is not a leader in the market, but despite that, it offers a good service regarding browsing security, with this VPN you can download Torrent files without being discovered or tracked and browse the Netflix catalog without problems. You can enter their website through the following address



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