How to cancel the HBO subscription quickly and easily forever? Step by step guide


Video-on-demand services are becoming the public's favorite option when watching movies, series, or even documentaries. The comforts and facilities that these systems offer, leaving behind the constraints of schedules or even long advertising spaces, in addition to the continuous possibility of seeing what you want, when you want it and where you want it, are the main points in favor of an approach that is creeping into more and more homes.

There are several important names when entering this field, with HBO being one of the most prominent. The video platform launched by the producer of the same name has been active for several years and has some exclusives of the caliber of the more than famous Game of Thrones, in addition to other productions that are also quite important. As in much of the world, it is one of Netflix's main competitors by catalog and by quality.

Despite its benefits, there are those who want to know how to delete the HBO subscription. It is possible that they have found other platforms that have a repertoire that better suits their tastes, that they prefer to unsubscribe because they do not get enough of it or that they simply do not see what this platform offers. There are many reasons, but there is only one way to unsubscribe.

Steps to permanently unsubscribe from HBO

And that's the one that we are going to explain in this step-by-step guide. We will go over the entire process to unsubscribe on HBO so you can do it step by step and without getting lost. We give all the details and data you need to erase yourself without complications and both from your PC and from your smartphone. You will see that, in addition, it is something tremendously easy to do and that it only requires a few minutes.

As we have already indicated, there may be many reasons why you want to permanently unsubscribe from HBO. Doing so is possible both from the computer and from the mobile phone, although confusion must be avoided. The HBO application for smartphones and tablets has hardly any settings related to account management, so you have to proceed in other ways.

Despite this, we will make clear all the steps that must be followed below so that you can delete your profile regardless of the device you are using. As you can see, despite the drawbacks of the app, it is something easy to do and it takes place quickly.

Delete account from PC

To delete the HBO account from the PC, you have to carry out a series of steps that are carried out in a few minutes. Next, we explain everything you must do to achieve it:

  • Open your computer's web browser and go to the address bar. In it, enter the following URL:
  • Now, within the VOD service homepage, click on "Login".
  • Now enter both the email and the password of your profile and press the "Login" button.
  • Once inside your account, back on the home page, go to the top right, and, in the drop-down, look for the option "My account" to enter your user settings.
  • Now go to the "Account Settings" section to access the parameters.
  • Within these, go to the "Subscription and purchases" section and, within it, press the "Cancel subscription" button.
  • Now you will have a message asking if you are sure to follow. Confirm that you want to cancel your HBO profile and you're done. You will receive an email with all the data after completing this process.
  • Unsubscribe from the mobile (Android and iOS)
  • The HBO application for Android and iOS does not incorporate an option to unsubscribe the account, so it is necessary to access the browser to perform the procedure for unsubscribing and canceling the profile.

Due to this, what you should do is follow all the steps that we have indicated in the section Delete account from the PC, although making sure to check the option of "Website for computer" or "Desktop version" in the browser so that All options appear and you can proceed easily.

It should also be noted that, even if the user account is deleted, both the mail and the payment method can be reused in the future when registering again to register with the HBO service. The platform makes it easy if you return, although, if the trial month has been spent, it can not be used again, it will be necessary to pay.



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