How to update Spotify to the latest version for free? Step by step guide

How to update Spotify

Take all the music you want wherever you want and when you want. With the benefits and comforts that the internet is offering us, it was to be expected that a solution designed for most music lovers would appear. And some applications allow us to have access to all the songs we want from our mobile phone, our tablet or even our PC just by having a connection to the network, and sometimes the latter is not even necessary.

Spotify logo is the one that has the singing voice in this. This software, which started operating back in October 2008, offers music to go system that only requires you to register as a user. In exchange for this registration process, it provides access to one of the largest databases of musical themes on the planet, constantly renewing itself to incorporate both the newest hits and the most unknown songs.

Like all tools and all software, this music program needs regular updates to include new features and improvements. It is important to always have it up to date to enjoy everything it can offer to those who use it.

Update the Spotify app to the latest version step by step

Therefore, in this guide, we will explain how to update the Spotify logo to the latest version. In addition to everything we have explained, this app for smartphones and computers is completely free. It has a paid membership system with special bonuses, but it can be used at no cost, although with certain limitations and the inclusion of advertising.

Whether you are a PC user, or an iOS or Android smartphone, you have several methods available to update the Spotify app to the most current version. We will explain all the possible ways in each of these platforms so that you can do it without any problem.

Update Spotify on Android Devices

In Android terminals you have the option to allow updates to be done automatically, without doing anything; or that, otherwise, they have to be done manually. We will explain the two options here:

Automatic – Android Device

  • On your phone, enter the digital app store. Go to its icon and press it to do it.
  • In the store, go to the search bar at the top and click on the three horizontal lines that appear on the left, a new menu will open where you can modify configuration parameters.
  • Inside it, go down until you reach “Settings” and click on them.
  • In this new screen that appears, look for the section “Update applications automatically” and click on it to enter to configure it.
  • Now you have three options available in which to choose only one of them:
  • “Do not update applications automatically”
  • Automatically update applications at any time. Data charges may apply. ”
  • “Update applications automatically only through Wi-Fi”.
Choose one of the last two options to activate this option, but the third option is always better since we will make sure that we use the Wi-Fi network and we will not send data from our mobile network.
Note: Keep in mind that by activating this setting, we will not only automatically have the latest version of the Spotify (as long as there is enough space on our device) but also every one of the apps that we have installed.


Handbook – Android Device

  • Take your smartphone and open the Google Play Store. Find its icon to enter the digital store by pressing on it.
  • Once inside, go to the search bar at the top and, instead of typing, click the symbol with three horizontal lines on the left. Doing so will open a dropdown.
  • In this new menu, you have to go directly to the first option. Click on “My apps and games”.
  • This new screen that appears takes you directly to the “Updates” section. This is where you should look for the Spotify app.
  • Above the “ Recent Updates ” section is the “ Pending updates ” section, look inside until you find the music application (it only appears if you have one or more pending updates). When you see it, you just have to press the “Update” button next to it.

Update android with APK

Another quite useful option is to download the APK with the new version of Spotify. You have to enable the use of ” Apps of unknown origin ” within the ” Security ” section in ” Settings ” to be able to run these files previously. Then, just download it through the link that we provide.
Download APK Spotify for Android latest version
Once this is done, open it from your mobile and the installation will start automatically. You just have to wait until the installation is finished to renew your Spotify Spotify logo on Android using the official APK.

Update Spotify on ios devices

In iOS, whether it is iPhone or iPad, you have two points to check when making updates to the Spotify app Spotify logo. Here we are going to explain the two so that you can force its update or programs that are done automatically, without you having to do anything:

Automatic – ios Device

  • First of all, you have to enter the “Settings” menu from your device. Find the icon with a gear wheel and press it.
  • Now, go to the “iTunes Store and App Store” section and click on it to enter its settings panel.
  • On the screen that you now have in front of you, your Apple ID appears first and, just below, the “Automatic downloads” section. It is where you must make modifications.
  • Make sure that the “ Apps ” section is activated (button to the right and green). If not, click there. By doing so, you have established that app updates are done automatically and Spotify will be able to do so whenever necessary.

Handbook – ios device

  • Here, what you should do is enter the “App Store” APP Store icon. Go to the place where you have this tool and click on its icon to access it.
  • Once inside, go to the bottom right of the screen and click on the ” Updates ” button to enter its panel. You will access a screen full of updates and to be updated apps.
  • Now make sure the ” All ” box is checked at the top. After this, look for “Spotify” in the list of apps in front of you. If an update is available, the ” Update ” button will appear next to it. Press it and let the phone or tablet do the rest. Ready!

Update Spotify for computer

In case you want to renew the Spotify version Spotify logo For your computer, the procedure requires that you first open the program on your PC. Follow all the steps that we explain here:
  • Open the Spotify application: Look for the green icon with three black lines inside it Spotify logo and double click, although it is usually something that opens every time you start the operating system if you have automatic startup activated.
  • Log in with your user profile: You can connect to Facebook by pressing the button there or enter both the email and the password you have assigned to your profile.
  • Once inside the main screen with the playlists, look at the arrow next to your username. In case it has a blue dot, click on it to open a dropdown menu.
  • Inside it, click “Update available ” to start installing the Spotify update.
  • When it’s done, you just have to restart the program and all the changes from the revision will be applied.


Conclusion – Update Spotify Application

If you have any questions regarding “How to update Spotify to the latest version for free?”, leave them in the comments, we will answer you as soon as possible, and I’m sure it will be of great help to more members of the community. Thank you!