Sockshare Free Movies 2020: Is it Legal? 20+ Sockshare Alternatives

Sockshare Free Movies

Sockshare is known for being one of the best in everything that has to do with series and movies online. Unfortunately, Sockshare free movie site has been forced to change the domain on multiple occasions for violating the different Intellectual Property laws. Today the website is still operational, although it suffers a national blockade by some operators. For this reason, we have compiled several of the best Sockshare alternatives to watch series and movies online in 2020 down below.

The character of this entry is merely informative. In no case is it encouraged to download and view content protected by copyright. From, we only recommend using platforms that have the rights to the content they offer.

Here we have provided all the information related to Sockshare 2020, through which you can watch Free Movies online for free.

Through the Sockshare website, you can easily watch or download your favorite programs on Sockshare, and for this, you do not have to pay hectic subscription charges.

Sockshare Free Movies Online 2020 Download

Before I tell you about the Sockshare website, you should know it is a pirated movie website that illegally uploads all genres of movies and TV shows on its website.

Apart from all this, there are some alternative options to Sockshare, which are available on the Sockshare website, and with the help of Sockshare streaming service, we can watch free movies and download them.

Many people know about this website, though while searching, they visit a Fake or Proxy site.
On the Sockshare website, you get the latest movies and TV Shows in HD quality. Here you get to see Hollywood Movies, Spanish Movies, Bollywood Movies, French Movies & Asian Movies which you can download for free.

What Is Sockshare? 

According to a report, this movie website is fully responsible for circulating the most pirated content in the world. Sites like Sockshare keep leaking material for downloading all the latest movies in HD quality.

It should be noted that such illegal websites that promote pirated content, their business is entirely dependent on similar piracy content, and Sockshare alike websites are useful in many countries, including the United States of America.

Is Sockshare Legal & Safe to Download Movies?

Apart from providing content including TV Shows & English Movies in HD Quality, you get to see an extensive collection of latest movies, TV Shows, and Web Shows on the Sockshare website which is very similar to OTT Platform in Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hotstar, Hulu App, MXPlayer.

The download link of the latest movies is available on the Sockshare website right after the release of the movie, due to which it affects box office collection of several movies. Due to sites like Sockshare, the TV and film industry has to bear significant losses every year.

Although there is a lot of effort to stop this kind of illegal and pirated website, despite all this, websites like Sockshare keep updating links to the latest movies and TV Shows every time. So, in Short, using sites like Sockshare is not safe & Legal.

Why Use Sockshare?  

It is not a big deal that you have been visiting websites like Sockshare to download free movies, but you have hardly visited a site like Sockshare. Even Though it is an illegal and piracy website, despite this, millions of users keep visiting here, and Sockshare never compromises with quality and availability.

If you want to stream or download any latest movies, you can easily download them from Sockshare Website.

So far, many TV shows, movies, and web series have been leaked on the Sockshare website in various formats, including 360p, 420p, 780p, and 1080p. Due to links to movies in so many forms, this website is trendy among the people.

Many people use mobile devices to watch or download movies. If you have ample storage devices available, then Sockshare gives you the option to download 300MB film, due to which mobile users keep visiting this website.

How to download movies from Sockshare?

The Sockshare website has been entirely banned in the States of America. It has been tagged with illegitimate and pirated sites, so its official website has also been removed from Google, due to which, while searching, you won’t find Sockshare official website on Google.
If anyone wants to Sockshare sites, then you can watch through its proxy website and download movies. People who download free movies on their websites use VPN for the same.  
To download any movies and TV shows from Sockshare, you need to follow some simple and easy steps. If you want to download free movies from Socksahre, you can try the following steps:

  • First of all, you have to download a VPN on your mobile to bypass any restriction. 
  • After downloading the VPN App, you have to open the BPL software and insert a country IP address into it.  
  •  In any country where Socksahre is not banned, select the country IP address.  
  • As soon as you register a country IP address, you are ready to visit Sockshare so that you can download your favorite programs, TV shows, web series, and movies. 

Why you shouldn’t visit Sockshare 

If you live in the United States, then you should know about US laws, which is completely strict if you download and streaming movies from other websites like Sockshare. If you are tracked visiting the Sockshare site or some other illicit movie site, then you can be punished under the piracy law.
There are many types of piracy laws, and there is a provision of financial punishment for publishing any kind of online piracy and illegal content on the website.

The Stop Online Piracy Act (STOP) also restricts access to piracy content and all sites promoting them so that all original content can be protected.

Best Sockshare Alternatives Websites 2020

Sockshare is one of the great portals to watch series and movies online. Although the page is accessible today from its original domain, the truth is that it has suffered a series of continuous blockades by operators for infringing the copyright of the works it links. Currently, this blocking is maintained in some companies, which is why we are forced to resort to other web pages. We have compiled some of these alternatives to Sockshare to see all kinds of streaming content.

The Sockshare alternative sites in this article are informative. At no time are you encouraged to download and view content protected by copyright? From the team, we only recommend using services that have the rights to the content it offers.


Among all the streaming sites, it is the best alternative to Sockshare. The web has been forced to change the domain, although today it is still accessible from the Google search engine. Regarding the content of the portal, Afdah has innumerable series and movies, along with television programs and many other audiovisual works.

Due to the vast number of ads that the page has, we will have to be careful when browsing its content, especially if we are going to access it from a mobile phone.


It is not an official website, but an application developed for Android phones and tablets with a catalog comparable to Sockshare. This is the reason why we will not be able to access it through a standard browser.

The application interface is very similar to that of HBO and Netflix. Also, the content, which can be downloaded and viewed from the application itself through the integrated video player. To access their servers, we will have to register previously on the platform, although we can also access as guests with some limited options.

Z Series

We come to another alternative to Sockshare with Z-series, a page that focuses most of its content on series, programs, and documentaries. It also has a section for movies, although the number is proportionally less than that of the series.

Unlike Sockshare, the main advantage of Z-series, beyond the quantity and diversity of its content, is that it hardly has any advertising. This facilitates access and navigation through mobile devices or computers with limited hardware.


Probably the best alternative to Sockshare and any other streaming platform to watch series and movies online. The portal in question has a catalog comparable to that of Netflix and HBO, with titles ranging from classics to the latest releases in theaters, in addition to documentaries, television shows, and anime.

The good news is that access to the platform is not limited, although we will have to access it through a previously registered user. To this, we must add that the website has an Android application with which we do not need to be registered.


A page that focuses much of its content on superhero series, although we can also find set with different themes. Also, the page has a section exclusively for Marvel and DC movies.

It indeed has enough advertising. The good news is that it usually features the latest episodes of some of the most popular series of the moment.

Cat Series

He is primarily known for its section dedicated to Marvel movies, where all the content related to the superheroes of the saga is collected. As for the rest of the content on the page, Series Gato has all kinds of series, documentaries, and TV shows. It also has movies, although the number of titles available compared to the series is much lower.

The site integrates a relatively high number of advertising, so we will have to navigate carefully when clicking on links and images on the web. It’s an excellent alternative to Sockshare.

Popcorn Time

We have already spoken on countless occasions about Popcorn Time. It is not a website, but an application whose content draws on torrent links to view series and movies online without the need to download additional files. Its operation is closer to that of Netflix or HBO than that of uTorrent or any download program: just click on the title in question to see its content in streaming.


As with Sockshare, Repelis Plus has been forced to change its domain on several occasions, although it is currently still accessible. As for the content of the web, the page is focused on movies and feature films in general, although we can find series and anime of all kinds.

The best thing about the web is that it has an Android application comparable in appearance and content to that of Netflix. Another advantage of Repelis Plus is that practically all of its content is in HD and Full HD.

Best Torrent Sites to Watch Movies – Sockshare Alternatives

Sockshare Free Movies

Kickass Torrent

It is proclaimed together with The Pirate Bay as one of the largest Torrent download portals of 2020. Movies, short films, documentaries, series, premieres, and a long etcetera. We can also find computer programs, music discs, outdated versions of operating systems, and all kinds of digital content. Its most significant advantage, however, is the number of seeds that your files have, which improves the transfer speed when downloading material to your computer.

Like BitTorrent, we will have to use a proxy to access the web, since a large number of operators blocks it. It’s the first torrent alternative to Sockshare movies site.


Fan of anime, and in general, series and films of Asian origin? Nyaa is undoubtedly the platform with the most extensive catalog of content from China, Japan, and South Korea.

In addition to counting the best-known titles, it has a large number of doramas, or what is the same, novels of Japanese origin. To this is added that much of its content is available in Spanish, not to mention the presence of subtitles translated into the language of Cervantes.

The quality of their videos, by the way, is Full HD and HD, something that is not very common if we talk about dramas and content from Asia.


What to say about one of the largest Torrent download portals today, along with The Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrent. The Web. Again, we are not facing an entrance limited to offering series and film in Torrent format, but its catalog is based on all kinds of digital content.

The bad news is that the page is continuously falling due to the policies of each country. For this reason, the portal has been forced to change its domain on not precisely a few occasions. Its name, in fact, usually varies Torrent2Z, TorrentZ, Torrent2, and so on. It’s one of my favorites among Sockshare alternatives.

Elite Torrent

Queen of queens. It is probably the portal in with the most extensive catalog of series and films, at least in the language of English.

It does not have an excessive number of advertising, so its navigation is relatively comfortable if we access the web from a mobile or tablet. The good thing is that practically the entire catalog is in English, French, or Spanish with Spanish subtitles.

Due to the current laws, the page changes domain constantly to avoid being closed by the different countries where it operates. It’s the last among Sockshare alternatives.


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