10 Free Movies you can watch online on Rakuten TV

10 free movies that you can watch online on Rakuten TV. The on-demand cinema platform has a wide catalog that encompasses all genres, such as drama, comedy, horror, children’s films … Due to the global pandemic that we are experiencing caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19), Rakuten TV has decided to make quarantine more bearable by expanding its free catalog with more than 100 movies.

What is Rakuten TV?

Rakuten TV is an on-demand platform that provides us with a wide catalog of streaming series, films, and documentaries, with a total of approximately 2,500 titles. Currently, the service is operational in a total of 12 countries of the European Union and offers content viewing directly from Smart TV, PC and Macs, Tablets, Smartphones, Consoles, or Chromecast.

Rakuten TV catalog and prices

Rakuten TV is a subscription platform, which means that customers pay a monthly fee to enjoy an exclusive catalog of series and movies. This service has 3 subscription modalities available:
  • Rakuten Selection: where you can enjoy the contents of its catalog of movies and series in the same way as other platforms such as Netflix or HBO. This standard subscription does not have the latest releases, as they are the box office option, but it has all the other movies and much more. Its price is € 6.99 per month.
  • Rakuten Free (ads): it consists of the free modality, you can also access its catalog but you will have to see the ads that this subscription has.
  • Rakuten ticket office: it is the most innovative and differentiating part. The latest cinema releases are available for rent, where you pay only if you want to access them. The price of each box office premiere will depend on the content you rent. The Rakuten TV box office price bracket ranges from € 1.99 to € 11.99.

Rakuten TV is the platform that has the most current titles of all cinema and series platforms at present.

The free movies on Rakuten TV are not turkey mucus since there is a great variety and above all a lot of quality. In the extensive catalog, we will find Hollywood classics and not so classics, very fun movies for the whole family, where animation films come in and much more.

You can download this great platform on the Xbox One, to be aware of all the news and in turn, enjoy its entire catalog whether it is free or not. Now, we leave you with the best 10 free movies that you can watch online on Rakuten TV during the quarantine.

Free Movies on Rakuten TV:

10. Pinocchio 3,000

Year 3000. Gepetto is a great inventor from the city of Scamboville who creates Pinocchio, a little robot with the personality of a flesh and blood boy. Pinocchio is willing to do anything to achieve his dream, to become a real child. Geppetto does not understand why the evil mayor is so jealous of him when he has a wonderful daughter. But the noble Gepetto does not share that feeling of hatred, rather he feels sorry for the mayor, which makes him even more furious. This great animated film will leave the whole family without lifting a finger.

9. Snowflake

Copito de Nieve, the only white gorilla in the world, arrives at the Barcelona Zoo. Its color makes it capture all the eyes and applause of visitors, but it also causes rejection from its new gorilla companions. When Copito discovers that the famous Witch of the North is passing through the city, he decides to go looking for her to give him a potion that turns him into a normal black gorilla. You will witness an adventure to remember. Snowflake awaits you.

8. The Super Kangaroo

Bob Ho is a secret CIA superspy who decides to give up his career in the spy world to settle down with his neighbor and girlfriend, Gillian. But Bob has one last mission to complete before Gillian agrees to marry him: to win his three stubborn children. When Gillian is suddenly forced out of town, Bob volunteers to care for the children, with the intention of gaining the approval of the little ones. But, when one of them mistakenly downloads a top-secret formula onto his computer, they are threatened by a Russian terrorist.

7. St. Vincent

With 2 Golden Globe nominations and an impeccable leading trio of comedians, ‘St. Vincent ‘tells the story of a boy whose parents have just divorced. The situation is not easy for him, he finds it hard to accept the new reality and he is having a hard time. However, things change when he meets the neighbor who lives next to him (Bill Murray). The man is a misanthropic and hedonistic war veteran, and apparently, they have nothing in common. However, a strange friendship relationship is established between the two and the man becomes the boy’s mentor.

6. The Best Offer

Virgil Oldman is a lonely man; an eccentric art expert and auction broker, highly appreciated and known worldwide. His life passes without any affective feelings until he meets a beautiful and mysterious young woman who orders him to appraise and sell the works of art inherited from his parents. The appearance of this young woman, who suffers from a strange psychological illness that keeps her isolated from the world, will forever transform Virgil’s life.

5. Pompeii

Pompeii, AD 79 Milo (Kit Harington, Jon Snow in Game of Thrones), is a slave-turned-gladiator, who sees how his love, young Cassia (Emily Browning), is forced to promise Corvus (Kiefer Sutherland), a corrupt senator. When Vesuvius erupts threatening to destroy everything, Milo will try to save her … while everything collapses.

4. Postscript: I love you

Holly’s life is cut short when her husband, Gerry, dies. Unable to cope on her own, her mother and her friends try to cheer her up. A day after her 30th birthday Holly receives a letter from Gerry encouraging her to go out, have fun, move on. Every month you will receive a letter signed with a “Postscript: I love you”, which will make you want to live.

3. Legal Types

VAL is released from prison after serving a 28-year sentence. His best friend, DOC, waits for him at the exit, and together they go in search of another old colleague, HIRSCH. Despite their age, the three former gangsters decide to start recovering the glory days and the lost decades of crime, drugs, and sex that same night. But DOC has an urgent job to do, commissioned by the head of the old gang: to kill VAL and thus settle his own pending account. The dilemma for a gangster is impossible and the time to find a way out is running out.

2. Source Code

In one of the most ingenious and exciting science fiction films in recent years, Iraq war hero Captain Colter Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is sent through time for 8 minutes to try to prevent a housed bomb from exploding on a train heading to Chicago. He wakes up from a start inside the train. Although the other passengers seem to know him, he has no idea where he is, or even who he is. You will have several opportunities to avoid catastrophe while discovering the importance of your mission.

1. Ender’s Game

In the near future, an alien race called the Buggers has attacked Earth. If not for a legendary hero, International Fleet Commander Mazer Rackham (Ben Kingsley), all would have been lost. Preparing for an upcoming attack that will determine the future of Earth and the salvation of the human race, the strict Colonel Hyrum Graff (Harrison Ford) and the International Army train only the best young men to find the future Mazer. Among these young men is Ender Wiggin, a shy but brilliant strategist, recruited to join the elite at the Battle School.



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