How to log in to the iTunes Store fast and easy? Step by step guide

How to log in to the iTunes Store

The application stores have become one more environment to consider when using any device. The big companies in the mobile and computing sector have launched their corresponding digital stores to list all the software compatible with their devices so that users can access it through a secure platform and with the confidence that what they download is install does not pose any risk to your devices.

Thus, we find places such as Google Play Store on Android, Microsoft Store on Windows, and iTunes Store on iOS and Mac systems. We will focus on the latter environment, that of Apple, due to its popularity and the breadth of its offer. One of the largest virtual and application stores on the planet, it is the place that iPhone, iPad, and Mac users must access to download the programs they want to use on these devices.

But, before you can do all that, you have to know how to log in to the iTunes Store, an issue that we are going to deal with in this guide explaining all the steps that must be performed to enter it. We are going to help you connect with this digital store to be able to use it quietly, and for this, we will go through the procedure to follow on all the devices where it is available, which go beyond those that belong to Apple.

Steps to login to iTunes APP Store

In addition to all this, we are also going to dedicate a section to solving the most frequent problem for those who try to log in and cannot: forgetting the password. If it is something that happens to you and you do not know how to remedy it, go to the final section to follow the instructions we have indicated and fix it.

Logging into the iTunes App Store is something that depends and varies greatly depending on the device you are using. All of them have in common the requirement of having a previously created Apple ID, but they all have different processes to perform the corresponding login.

In this section, we are going to review all possible cases so that, even if you use a computer or a smartphone, you can connect your user in iTunes and use it as freely as possible. Although we anticipate that there is a range of incompatible devices.

Enter from the computer or PC

To enter the iTunes Store through the computer or the PC, fortunately, the process is quite similar. You just have to find the program of this store and use it to be able to log in to it and take advantage of its functions.

On Mac

  • Enter directly into the iTunes application, which will be installed on your computer.
  • Look at its upper part and, in the bar that there is, click on the “Account” section.
  • Within the small drop-down menu that opens, choose the option “Start session”.
  • Now, you just have to write the email of your Apple ID and the password that you have assigned. Accepting, you will have finished the login from your Mac.

From Windows

  • Download the iTunes application on your computer. To do this, you can directly enter the Microsoft Store (if you use Windows 10) or enter the following link through the browser: and then click on ” Get it from Microsoft «
  • Now on the new page click on “Get ” and when you have installed it, open it through its icon.
  • Now, as it happened on Mac, go to the top and click on the “Account” option that is on the toolbar.
  • In the menu that just opened, tap “Login.”
  • Then, enter the email of your Apple ID and the corresponding password. After accepting, you will have finished and entered Windows.

Login from the Android or iOS APP

In the field of smart devices, the restriction of access to the iTunes Store is totally evident. As you can see below, the operating system of your terminal will be the one that says whether or not you can enter this service.

From iPhone

  • First of all, open the iTunes Store app for your iPhone. Find its icon and press it to enter.
  • Now, when you are in its main menu, scroll down to the end. There, you will find the “Login” section. You have to click on it to be able to continue with your login.
  • Among the options that may appear, choose “Use existing Apple ID”. After doing so, you will have to write the email of that ID and, of course, the password (remember to respect upper and lower case if there are any). Now, click on ” Accept “.
  • After completing this last step, you will have already entered iTunes with your user account. In fact, you have also done it in other system apps that are governed by the same type of user identifier.

From Android

On Android, there is no possible way to log into the iTunes App Store 🙁 since no compatible version has been released for these devices. The rivalry between the two brands has led to this type of situation taking place, which prevents users who have an account in both media from freely combining their use.

If you have a mobile terminal and want to use iTunes, your best option is to use an iPhone. In case of being Android, the closest thing you will be able to use is Apple Music, the application that is available within the Google digital store, the Play Store.

How to recover the password of my iTunes account?

If you have forgotten your iTunes account password, you don’t have to worry. To start, what you need is the key to your Apple ID, and, finally, the process is so simple that it only takes a couple of minutes to complete. We are going to explain what you must do to regain access with a new user password:
  • First, you must enter the iCloud page from your browser. Open it and write the URL that we indicate below in the address bar:
  • Now, go to the bottom of the window and click on the option “Have you forgotten your Apple ID or password?”.
  • In the field that now appears on the screen, you only have to fill in the email that belongs to your Apple ID.
  • The next window gives you several options, just check the option “I want to reset the password” and go ahead.
  • You will be offered two different ways to restore your access: receive an email with instructions or answer some questions. We will proceed using the first of the two.
  • Then, you have to enter your mailbox to open the Apple mail. There is an option to reset your password, click it to continue.
  • You will re-enter the Apple website. Now is when you have to type the new password. Do it, taking into account the indications that appear, and finish by clicking on ” Reset “.
  • After this, you will have renewed your access key to your Apple ID and, therefore, to the iTunes Store.



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